Atharva Lifesciences Consulting Pvt. Ltd. has executed a number of studies and market research reports for its various clients around the world. Below is a sample of some topics that we have dealt with:
Biotech & Pharmaceuticals
Clinical Trials in India
Biosimilars in India
Quality of Blood Banks in India
Personalized medicine and its potential in India
Diagnostics market in India
Biomarkers market in India
Agri – Biotechnology & Veterinary
Effect of GM Crops
Opportunities in Indian Agriculture Sector
Effect of GM Cotton on Indian Agriculture
Precision Farming and its Potential
Use of Fertilizers in Indian Agriculture

Monitoring of Daily Market prices for a crop

Applicability of certain Technologies to Indian Farms

Increasing farmers access to markets

Agriculture export in India

Use of Pesticides in India

Onion pricing and Impact

Shrimp farming in India
Freshwater aquaculture in India
Effect of Water Quality in Indian Fisheries
Fish Feed Quality in India
Ayurveda medicine market in India
Neutraceutical market in India



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